A Hands-Free Home Automation Device for Power Saving

Developed a $5 device that prevents even 1 second of power from being wasted. 200+ hours rigorous testing; ongoing pilot in 4 condos in my locality. Calculated saving of about 1kW/day – enough to power two CFLs in a slum for 8 hours. Built into my campaign ‘Donate a bulb full of light to dark homes’– promotes the idea that power saved is power donated to 30 million households in India who don’t receive enough power.

Key Achievements:

  • Selected as youngest exhibitor at Govt. of India IRIS National Fair 2015. Was ineligible for an award as I was underage (13 years old) yet was referred to IIT professors by organizers for further study.
  • 50 page research booklet (http://bit.ly/PixieResearch), step-by-step construction manual (http://bit.ly/PixieConstruction) and demo videos (http://bit.ly/PixieDemos) available.
  • IIT Tech Expo Undergraduate National Science Fair 2018 – Judged as top 3 projects in India.
  • Awarded third prize in IIT startup showcase competition among 25 – 30 yr. old developers.
  • International Exhibition for Young Inventors (IEYI) – Organized by JII institute of Japan. Competed against 200 participants from 50 countries – won silver for India.

Complete Demo Video: