High School: Dhirubhai Ambani International School, Mumbai

IB Results – Grade 12 Predicted

Physics HL: 7/7Geog. SL: 7/7
Chem HL: 7/7English SL: 7/7
Maths HL: 7/7Hindi B SL: 7/7
ToK: 28/30Phys. EE: 34/34


New SAT1590/1600
SAT Physics800/800
SAT Chem800/800
SAT Math II800/800
SAT Bio M760/800

Advanced Placement (AP)

Computer Science A5/5

IGCSE Grade X results – BATCH TOPPER with 11 A*

Add. Math (Calculus): IGCSE World Topper
Physics: IGCSE World Topper
Biology: IGCSE World Topper
Geography: IGCSE India Topper
Chemistry, Hindi, Global Perspectives, CS: School topper

Note: The ‘World Topper’ award is awarded for securing 1st place / 800,000+ global IGCSE test takers.

Academic Distinctions

  • Academic Excellence, Honor Roll and All Subject Awards all 4 years
  • Winner of ‘Hindustan time Scholarship 2015-2016’ among 50,000 participants for all-round excellence (http://bit.ly/2OEAC3I).
  • Winner of National ‘Homi Bhabha Young Scientist’ contest twice – aced rigorous 3 stage written, practical and research-project contest.
  • Winner of ‘National Maths Genius’ trophy awarded by National Genius Search Foundation after cracking a two-stage all India competition.
  • Cayley Honors Roll & National Informatics Olympiad Finalist Grade 9

Middle School: Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai

  • Stood first in my class in all 7 years of schooling – all round excellence
  • Won 35 national and international awards in Maths, Science and Computers among 500,000 students
  • Only student in history of SOF International Olympiads to win International Rank 1 in both Science as well as Computing Olympiad in the same year.
  • Honored by Univ. of New South Wales 4 years in a row for topping the world in their IAIS exams
  • All Indian Mathematics Teacher Association conferred me with ‘Maths Genius Gold Shield’ (1st National Rank in National Mathematics Olympiad) in Class 7