Who am I?

My name is Aman Ladia, from Bombay, India. As someone who has been writing code since I turned eight, my primary areas of interest are product development, cryptography and blockchain. I started off developing electronic prototypes that made it to international level tech fairs, received patents and were funded by government institutions for further development. More recently, my interest has been blockchain, specifically how it can work with cutting-edge cryptographic techniques to ensure privacy and accountability for all.

Beyond my endeavours in computer science & engineering, I am strong at academics, having won multiple honours at various levels for my excellence in math, science and computers. 

My Blockchain journey

My blockchain journey has three components to it: industry experience, thought leadership and research:

Industry experience

Co-Founder & CEO, Liquid Protocol

  • Liquid: an instant liquidity platform that allows users to exchange 1000+ cryptocurrencies for fiat money (dollars) in under 20 seconds.
  • Co-founded with five entrepreneurs from Dubai & Canada to interlink fiat & crypto economies.
  • Selected in top 15 startups of 500 global entries in The Blockchain Competition, Zug 2018.
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) rollout: early 2020. Public whitepaper available.

Liquid’s Whitepaper can be found here.

Fintech Advisor, The Partnerships Dubai

  • The Partnerships: strategic consulting company providing consultancy services to clients in fields ranging from finance & real estate to technology.
  • On board of experts as a FinTech advisor since March 2018.
  • Work directly with MD, Mr. Tanvir Shah (a Harvard Instructor). Advise clients on how tech like Blockchain and AI can be integrated into their workflow in unique and sustainable ways.

My Partnerships profile can be found here.

Technical Consultant, Blockchain Fortress

  • Worked on backend Ethereum and Hyperledger projects, including the development of consumer-facing, white-labelled solutions.Led a team of developers to write secure code that is production ready.
  • Architected complex blockchain applications that fully utilize the modular nature of Hyperledger Fabric.
  • Pitched PoCs that showcase the flexibility and accountability of blockchain solutions to SMEs clients.

My Fortress profile can be found here.

Freelance Writer for Multiple Cryptocurrency Blogs

  • Frequent columnist on several famous cryptocurrency websites: Crypto-news and Bitcoinist.
  • Topics: upcoming blockchain tech and nifty tips that I have discovered as a crypto enthusiast.
  • Strong community following: 25,000+ monthly hits on articles.

Thought Leadership

Seeking to spread awareness of Blockchain’s transparency, immutability and privacy guarantees, since June 2018 I have spoken at 15 Intl. conferences/forums attended by over 20,000 govt. officials & C-level executives. All my talks are available on YouTube and have over 40,000 views in total. I have worked to take my ideas forward with the people I meet at conferences: for instance, I developed a white paper with Govt. of Jharkhand (state the size of California) on how blockchains can work with agriculture and subsidies.

All my talks can be found here.


Privacy Centric Collaborative Machine Learning Model Training via Blockchain

(Peer-reviewed & published in Springer Journal ‘Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing’ – doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-23813-1_8):

This paper tackles the problem of ‘data siloing’, where ML growth is stalled as organizations are unable to share training data due to privacy regulations. It presents a novel protocol to solve this problem. Paper presented at IEEE Cybernetics Conference at University of Salamanca (Spain): Video presentation can be seen here.

Blockchain: A Privacy Centered Standard for Corporate Compliance

(Peer-reviewed & under publication in Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Journal ‘IT Professional’ – Manuscript here):
This paper presents blockchain as a potential technology that can allow for privacy and transparency to co-exist in the context of data access for corporate compliance (e.g. KYC/AML).

ZeroWallet: Zero-Knowledge Proofs Based Protocol to Secure Private Keys with Low-entropy Passwords

(Open-source protocol & functional public-demo developed with Dr Andrew Miller, UIUC – zerowallet.me):

Worked under Dr Andrew Miller’s supervision at UIUC for 6-weeks to develop a protocol that allows brute-force resistant password-derived private-keys (bit.ly/IllinoisCSL). Nominated for ZCash Foundation Grant.