MAD or ‘Make a Difference’ is a new age platform for visionaries to share their ideas with the rest of the world, Founded by Mr. Tariq Qureishy, a renowned public speaker and influencer in the Middle East, MAD hopes to
empower a billion people through business story-telling and connecting with all those people who are making a difference.

I was invited to the Dubai Office of MAD Talks to speak about my journey as a 17 year old entrepreneur, and my company, Liquid. I am now featured on the ‘Future Legends’ and ‘Future Entrepreneurs’ page on MAD’s Future Leaders Organisation (FLO) website.

Quoting MAD:

Aman is a 17-year-old Indian entrepreneur and developer from Bombay with professional and academic experience in the fields of Blockchain, AI and product development. Aman’s catalogue of products includes an AI-enabled power-saving home automation device and a wearable safety jacket for bikers, both of which have received awards from the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, Government of India. He now serves as the FinTech expert on the board of advisors at The Partnerships Consulting, Dubai and has founded his own Blockchain start-up named Liquid Protocol.

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