Future Technologies Poised to Transform Our Lives for the Better are the focus of this podcast. Almost here means these technologies are Now Here, or Just Around the Corner: from Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, Regenerative Medicine. Blockchain, Virtual Reality and More. The host, Richard Jacobs, brings onboard nine (9) years of experience from his work with Speakeasy Marketing, Inc, a firm that has helped over 800 attorneys nationwide to improve their practices.


I was interviewed by Richard Jacobs in July 2017. I was the youngest guest on board Future Tech Podcast, which is shared on all major podcast platforms. I spoke about my vision for blockchain, and where its future lay in the years to come.

From Future Tech Podcast:

Can blockchain technology serve as the final defense against the blood diamond trade? Will it transform the way artists disseminate and profit from their work? Might it serve as an equivalent- if not superior- replacement for the traditional banking system?  For most people, blockchain technology is defined by its inextricable link to cryptocurrency exchange.  While this understanding isn’t entirely wrong, Aman Ladia argues that it’s glaringly incomplete. As co-founder of Blockstein, Ladia is making it his mission to uncover and promote the gamut of blockchain benefits, and by doing so, he aims to bolster a public understanding that will fuel its widespread adoption. Ladia discusses the seemingly buried uses of blockchain technology that provide both transparency and anonymity in blockchain-based transactions. But that’s not all: when used as a replacement for traditional banking systems, it may even save you thousands of dollars.

Subsequently, I was also invited by Richard to deliver a speech at Future Tech Podcast’s annual summit at Dallas, Texas.

Listen to “Aman Ladia – Illuminating The True Extent And Value Of Blockchain Technology” on Spreaker.