Abstract. Recently, the right to privacy has become an important global issue, and laws are being enacted in different countries to ensure that citizens have control over how their data is stored and used. In this scenario, corporates face an increasing burden to comply with these laws, whilst ensuring that their business models and workflows are interrupted to as little a degree as possible. This paper presents blockchain as a potential technology that can help users keep their data under their own control and yet allow companies to responsibly access the data they need to function. It begins with an overview of blockchain as a technology and the properties that make it useful as a tool for privacy compliance. It then explores more niche fields like Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) and considers two industries where blockchain can be of benefit to consumers and corporates from a privacy standpoint.

Index Terms: Case Studies, Information flow controls, Security and Privacy Protection, Solution Reference Architectures

Research article manuscript submitted for publication in the IEEE IT Professional Magazine. Manuscript is available at http://bit.ly/PrivacyIEEE